The Legacy

Garthchester Realty continues to dominate the real estate market thanks to nearly four decades of high-quality management service to its clients. Only when a company builds from experience, honesty, integrity, and pride can it remain at the forefront for nearly forty years.

John Bonito officially founded Garthchester Realty in 1981 when he was serving as a member of the cooperative board at the property where he was living on Garth Road in Scarsdale, NY.  Jay Mendel was also a resident board member at the same cooperative. Some might call it fate that brought the two of them together to build Garthchester Realty.

John and Jay created a formula that brought Garthchester to the head of the rental, cooperative and condominium management industry in Westchester and Riverdale, NY. To this day, more than seventy percent of Garthchester properties have remained clients for ten, twenty and even thirty years.


The Staff

Garthchester Realty runs so smoothly thanks to dedicated staff members, many of whom have been with the firm for decades. There is a sense of pride that is evident in the office, from the senior executives to the support staff.

Clients appreciate that there is continuity, often working with the same managing agent for many years. Staff members don’t leave Garthchester because of the way they are treated fairly and with a genuine level of respect.


The Succession

Most recently, new members have been added to our senior management team. In order to ensure to both clients and long-term staff members an easy transition, John and Jay performed an exhaustive search. The new team reflects the principles from which the company was built and promises a long and successful future.  Craig Perusini, Claudine Gruen and Brian Scally, along with Jay and John, are carrying on the Garthchester legacy.  Craig and Claudine each have over thirty years in the real estate management industry, with varied expertise in the financial and physical property aspects, respectively.  Brian has been a Garthchester employee for the past ten years and was most recently appointed to the position of Director of Property Operations. 


The future

Our new team of executives will continue to be the driving force behind the premiere management company in Westchester, Riverdale and Queens.

Garthchester Realty will continue to deliver the best product to our clients with integrity and respect. Thanks to the impressive skills of our newest Vice Presidents, Garthchester has already expanded to more than 60 properties.