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Craig PerusiniVice President

Craig Perusini began his career in property management in Manhattan in the 1980’s as the Controller and then the Vice President of Finance for a prestigious broker manager involved in the then influx of cooperative conversions in the city. In the early 90’s, Craig’s career brought him to the Westchester County and then Riverdale, where his expertise translated well to the condominiums and cooperatives in this area. During this time boards were inexperienced in the cooperative genre of home ownership and a lot of guidance was needed to keep these properties on track and to educate them on the functioning of building systems and the associated costs. Board’s have evolved immensely over this time in their knowledge and sophistication. There is now far more understanding of the complexities of running and “owning” a building and in the balance between dealing with current and future projected needs, the latter being a true passion in the budgeting process.

As a degreed accountant and an MBA, Craig has spent over thirty years guiding board’s with their finances and all phases of property management.

Brian ScallyVice President

Brian Scally Is Vice President, Director of Management for Garthchester Realty with over 30 years of experience in property management.

After graduating from Concordia College in 1986 with a BS in Education, Brian became the superintendent of an 88 unit Cooperative in Westchester County.  This expertise allows him to investigate both site issues as well as resident complaints from his vast building experience.

In 2007, Brian joined Garthchester Realty as a property manager, managing 7 properties, it was his firsthand knowledge that allowed Brian to form long lasting working relationships with his Board of Directors and residents.

Brian oversees all property managers as well as communicates with the Board of Directors and/or Shareholders if and when needed. Brian feels by staying in touch with each building he is better able to assess issues if and when they arise.

Brian takes great pleasure in letting the supers know he too was a super and understands the day to day operations of the building.

Brian recognizes a persons home is one of the most important items in their lives and when an issue arises in a residents home, addressing it promptly is very important.

Claudine GruenVice President

Claudine Gruen is the Vice President Director of Operations of Garthchester with more than three decades of experience in the management industry.

While Claudine was attending college at Baruch, she was already getting her feet wet in the real estate field, working part-time for a landlord tenant attorney. By the early 1980s, she was working with Nu-Place Realty, a company that did sales and rentals and was on the cutting edge of co-op conversions. More recently, Claudine worked for a New York-based real estate company, focusing on physical property management. Now she has brought her expertise to Garthchester. President Jay Mendel has high respect for Claudine’s talents: “Claudine is exceptionally gifted in her abilities to win over board members and at the same time, run her properties as first class operations.”

Claudine heads up the Queens office, located in Forest Hills. She has been essential in broadening Garthchester’s reach to another borough of New York City. Claudine hopes Garthchester will soon be managing buildings all over New York, including Manhattan. She believes clients in Westchester and the city will appreciate Garthchester’s unique personalized and specialized hands-on service that existing clients know all about.

One of the reasons joining Garthchester was so desirable for Claudine was because “it is an A+ company already. What I want to do now is continue the high level of service that already exists and grow the business at the same time.” Claudine admires Garthchester’s ability to provide the type of service to clients that she values, and that’s a why she wanted to be a part of this company. Claudine’s main focus has always been helping residents overcome any and all issues. Having a well-run building with happy residents is the most important thing a management company can do for its clients according to Claudine: “I want all the unit owners and shareholders to love where they live and be happy to come home. Garthchester will continue to do that for every single person who lives in one of our buildings.”

Are you seeking a dedicated management company that works around the clock to keep its residents satisfied? Reach out to Garthchester Realty today.